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PCB Clone

You have a physical PCB on hand but do not have the circuit design files?

You do not have any PCB Gerber files for your PCB production and circuit assembly?

You want to reproduce the circuit board(PCB), but do not have the blueprint, or the blueprint is missing?

Send us your sample, and let me solve all of your problems!

PCB Clone Introduction

PCB copy means cloning the circuit board, producing samples, replacing components, making BOM list, derived schematic.

PCB Clone Categorization

¡îPCB Clone for Gerber files/ Schematic

¡îPCBA Copy reverse engineering

¡îPCBA Copy/ IC Decryption

Resources of circuit board cloning

We have the international advanced scanning equipment, a professional senior PCB copy engineer team. So we are in a position to master the structure and mode of circuit board, and clone the circuit board which is 100% same as original sample. At the same time, we also can make a little change of circuit board according to customer's demand to meet customer requirements.

What we need from customer before clone

¡îcircuit board clone: 1 piece of PCB sample 

¡îassembled PCB clone: 2 pieces PCBA sample in case of Chip-Decoding

What we offer after clone:

¡îGERBER file

¡îBOM list

¡îElectrical diagram / Schematic

¡î Samples

Flow chart of the copy board

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